YACEDx Entrepreneurship Summit (YES) Port Harcourt Was A Success.

The long awaited YACEDx Entrepreneurship Summit (YES) Port Harcourt was a success.

The Grand Tokyu Hotels in the Garden City of Port Harcourt played host to the gathering of entrepreneurs, company owners, manufacturers, fashion designers, educators, freelancers, consultants, media personnel, venture capitalists, and professionals from different fields.

It was a knowledge sharing and a networking session. Lots of things were learnt, some were unlearned and many were relearned.

The summit started officially with the rendering of the National Anthem to honour the Federal Republic of Nigeria (the host country) and thereafter, the “Getting to Know You.”

This first exercise was idea-focused as it gave the participants an enabling opportunity to get to know each other, exchange pleasantries, share ideas and network.

The keynote presentations came after the Executive President of YACEDx, Mr. Isaac Kwaku Essien gave his welcome address.

The presentations were time focused and straight to the point as each of the five speakers had 18 minutes to share their idea with the audience.

Mr. Ikenna Princewill Chiozoadighi, Founder and CEO of Allweda Child Safety and Co-founder of YACEDx took the lead with his electrifying presentation on “Why Think Entrepreneurship.” In his presentation, he unpacked founded and tested reasons we should start thinking entrepreneurship in the 21st Century.

The second speaker for the day was a business guru, an investor and the CEO of NTETSIA from Ghana–Mr. Kweku Amo-Mensah. With just three PowerPoint slides, he spoke on “International Entrepreneurship.” In his presentation, he encouraged the audience to think and look beyond the shores of their immediate environment. He spoke on the need to think global and prospect wide in our quest for entrepreneurship.

Mr. Amo-Mensah’s presentation was followed immediately by a well delivered talk by Mr. Eric Okomado, a Virtual Assistant and Preseidnt of the Greater Kingdom Impact Foundation on the topic: “Things to Know Before You Start Your Business.” He emphasized that entrepreneurship is not for everyone but for those who have the spirit of entrepreneurship and are willing to swim against the tides of hard knocks of growth.

Among these successful men, there was a successful and a dynamic young lady, Loveth Chukwu, the Co-founder and Principal Lead of Morgate Financial Services. Her presentation on “How to Fund Your Business” was superb. She unveiled lots of trusted measures via which young entrepreneurs and starters could raise funds for their business and scale for full growth.

Mr. Isaac Kwaku Essien wrapped up the presentation session with his mind blowing delivery on “Winning Strategies In Entrepreneurship.”

Top on the list of the winning strategies for entrepreneurs which he revealed was that entrepreneurs are avid readers.  He employed the audience to cultivate this habit as it is the common denominator that unites successful entrepreneurs.

The peak of the Summit was the Business Clinic. A session were all the five keynote speakers were on stage to answer entrepreneurship focused questions that bothered around challenges, business models, government policies, capital, partnership, production, sales, marketing, branding and distribution. It was an enlightening session as the speakers unpacked the nitty gritty to make the journey of entrepreneurship a smooth ride for anyone.

In the cause of the Business Clinic was the unveiling of The African Magnates Summit (TAMS) 2019 by the Executive President of YACEDX, Mr. Isaac Kwaku Essien.

The unveiling of TAMS 2019 brought fresh breath of hope to young entrepreneurs in the audience.

In the unveiling, the Executive President of YACEDX said come 20th-22nd of August 2019, YACEDX shall host over 800 young entrepreneurs, 20 mentors and 8 speakers at the Bank of Ghana auditorium, University of Ghana for The African Magnates Summit.

At this event, teams of entrepreneurs from the 54 African nations would pitch their business idea and stand the chance to win a grant of up to $200,000.00 for 15 teams. This, he called the YACEDx Magnates Y-PRIZE Challenge 2020.

Members of the audience were itchy to sign up for TAMS 2019 and he promised that info regarding registration would be made available at the organization’s website www.yacedx.org.

The YACEDx Entrepreneurship Summit Port Harcourt 2019 was anchored by Mr. Ohemu Godwin Pius, President/Founder Readers Are Leaders Nigeria.

Entrepreneurs are turning things around for good. Together, we can make Africa the hopeful continent.

You’re welcome to join YACEDX anytime. Let’s meet in Ghana come August 2019.

Report by:

Ohemu Godwin Pius

CEO: Readers Are Leaders Nigeria

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